Howdy Frisco Aggies!

Imagine you are working on an important project for work.  You are busy putting all the pieces in place and things are going smooth, and then suddenly…the computer screen is not showing what you need it to show, the mouse is stuck, and the keyboard is beeping back at every touch.  Great, what now?

A call to Customer Support will have them telling you to reboot your machine.  A fresh start.  Why am I talking about computers to my fellow Frisco Aggies?   The Frisco A&M club has called customer support!  The theme for the club this year is “Reboot”.   We’ve hit the reset button and are starting fresh so that we can better serve the former, current, and future students of Texas A&M.

Great, what now?  The club will be more active this year. In addition to hosting Frisco Muster, we are scheduling networking events, family activities, social hours, game watching events, and local volunteer outings.  We’ll also do a better job of letting you know when things are happening and give you opportunities to let us know how we are doing. 

 Our main goal is still, and always will be, to provide scholarships for Frisco students who are attending A&M.  It is the responsibility of all former students to encourage and help the next generation of Aggies.  Whether it is with sage advice about the workplace, or where the best tailgates are in the fall, or most importantly, with your financial support. 

The club currently funds two scholarships but with your help, we would like to increase that number.   This fall will likely be a tougher time for students with the likelihood of tuition raises and a reduced budget from the Texas Legislature.  Whatever support you can spare could help bridge the gap these students will face.

Our main revenue source comes from your annual membership dues.  Individual memberships are $30, while joint/family memberships are $40.  If you have been a member of the club in the past, I hope you will give us a second chance.  If you are new to Frisco and the club, let me shake your hand with a big “Howdy” and make you feel right at home within the club. 

The Frisco A&M club is YOUR club, and it is my responsibility to make you glad to be a part of it.  Here’s to a super 2011.  Hope to see you at the Frisco Muster. 

Thanks and Gig’em!
Tom Williford ‘92
Your 2011 FAMC President

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